Friday, January 17, 2020

Flower Phase

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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

A Poem After a Long Time

Do you remember the months after
we went to Canada when we argued
again and you broke things off? I
think it was shortly after I invited you
to the Grand Canyon and you 
criticized my friends. People our age 
can be stupid like that, selfish, it was 
my fault I think for not giving you space, 
but by that point the cycle kept repeating 
itself and I liked you so much. My head 
told me not to expect too much because
even though you liked me for a long time 
before I liked you, every time I gave you 
too much trouble your toes grazed the 
landing. It was my fault for capturing
you after the house warming party. Even 
though my head told me that we weren't
compatible, that it would never work out and
end too soon, hearts would be broken, pain
and trauma seared, and the tangles in my mind
couldn't easily be braided, a worked up heart
once again overrode it's brain. I touched your 
arm and asked if we were okay, and for 
the final time you said we were

In my head we fell in love around Christmas, 
you're better than you think you are~

Saturday, February 16, 2019

The One with the Bald Spot- 2/15/19

You died on a cloudy winters day,
someplace in between sunrise and sunset.
As you ruffled your feathers for the last time
prepping yourself for sleep you seemed
more energetic and gave one last show.
To and fro our rooms you soared,
mischievous, like this was the one time you
didn't have to be responsible.
I turned on the heater for you while you dozed
and suddenly were able to eat more;
I thought we would take you to the vet
tomorrow and that everything would be alright,
but last night while mom slept she told me
she had a dream of a small bright light,
one that flew up to her as if to say
thank you for everything, goodbye
and in the morning you joined grandma.

The beginning, Sno late 2010


Saturday, March 17, 2018

Egg Basket