Sunday, September 17, 2017

Am Hi

lounging by the river.

A filter dropped and
it's windy.

I've inhaled helium
am being bombarded.

The wind threatens
to blow everything away

Should I let it?

high above the trees, a Kpop music video
I've never seen, where the scenes constantly shift,
always in a nicely decorated box.
As the lights flash in and out
live snaps are brought to doe eyes,
at the speed of light they walk.

trying to figure out how to change clothes
the hardest thing you've ever tried to do,
but if you stop now you'll be naked.
Pick up a book and try to read the words
but they keep falling off the pag

Fight the float, rationalize
take thoughts in steps,
turn mush into action
Marvel at the horrifying realization
that you could sit there for hours
and stare at your hands,

the most interesting tools on Earth.



      Unzipped Tent,

                     Indian style

realize you're being watched,
cast your marbles upon a circle of chairs
at once
the heads turn and laugh
and stare

Shit. Trippy.


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

How I Made My Decision

No offense to you and your class
but I really need to pass
and hate the fact that it
makes me feel bad
Corrugated memories ooze
from every pore and
no matter how interesting
it once all was
I can't stand to put myself
through that any longer.
They say that to work means to play
but what happens when your work is
not a play
and you find yourself drowning in it?
A tainted reality you're living
by strained choice:
existentially early mourn
the only choice avail, fatigue
chopping up time to park,
repetition of dehydrated gestures and words
Consequences of your own making
twice she sits again
every year
intruding on a group she doesn't know
perpetually held back
slaving again and again
pretending to care, really be THERE
How can you work when your mind
is elsewhere
where the setting and scene
don't trigger your demons
Warning signs like flashing alarms
the red lights and sirens blare
why, just WHY are you there
Weigh your options carefully because
it's you versus society
and a system that fails, and
one more moment
may in fact, drive you crazy.


Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Born Alive

If I could be any being I'd be a bird,
soaring through the heavens on gifted wings
and plucking food from the ground with my feet.

As my wings slice through a permeable air
I'll choreograph dances to the moon and
perch on the highest acres of the tallest trees,
friend to these allied points that prod at our sky

Secluded, yet proud, peaceful.

Content looking into a distance not yet known
but always normal-


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Personification of Confidence

Neurotic as the stars she is free
Treading in pools of pitched moonlight
soft as the winter sky

Greener than the forest
Bluer than mermaid hair

Flap your wings,
Pale arms out to counteract
the balance of a tipsy world

Finally able to be yourself
in full.


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Berry's Blessing

Bless the corporations, whose eyes see nothing but greed
Bless mother nature, that she allows us to evoke change in her equations
Bless government and citizen, symbiotic desire

Cancerous Chemically bound habits
that Create new existence

I do love Berry, I do


Saturday, August 12, 2017

Lessons From the Trees

Stretch your body taut
Let the rope propel you
Vertical as the trees may pull

I've got you,
so you don't have
to stop growing

Hear the breeze?
Don't ever let these
emotions stop flowing


Thursday, August 10, 2017

la la

Hiking, Bigelow Sneezeweed
Playful need, kit kit dizzy
Twerking bird, way with words
One of the herd, Lizzy.